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We offer you the best Virtualization experience

Simplify your IT infrastructure with proven virtualization solutions built on VMware vSphere with Operations Management, the industry's leading...

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Hyper V

Flexible and Secure Virtualization solutions designed for your Specific Business Needs

Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based Windows Server virtualization platform that is included as a role of Windows Server 2008. Hyper-V enables you to consoli...

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Public Cloud

Integrate the Best Public Cloud Solution

Public cloud is a form of cloud computing wherein the computing resources are shared or made publically available over a virtualized network like inte...

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Private Cloud

Give Yourself the Private Cloud Advantage

Private cloud is implemented within the corporate firewall and offers you an agile & scalable computing architecture. It is proprietary computing arch...

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Managed Private Cloud

Secure & Private Way to Manage Your Cloud

Managed Private Cloud solution takes the concept of Private Cloud, one step further. In this, the entire IT management is done by Emtech. The user is ...

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Virtual Private Cloud

Your Virtual Space in Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud or VPC is a private network within a public cloud infrastructure. It offers the benefits of public cloud in a private set up. Pu...

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Disaster Recovery On Cloud

Having Disaster Recovery is very important for any  organization to deal with any system disaster and data loss that may occur due to any unforeseen ...

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Emtech Wi-Fi for Instant Internet Connectivity. Everywhere.

Wi-fi has emerged as one of the most popular forms of wireless networking in recent times. It is the preferred form of wireless networking in homes, b...

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Office 365

Carry Your Office Wherever You Go.

Office 365 provides a subscription based online service that offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platf...

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Server on Cloud

Awesome Server Support for Your Comprehensive IT Needs.

Infrastructure as a Service is becoming the most preferred form of providing infrastructure support to your IT solutions. IaaS offers companies the...

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PC-on-Cloud (Desktop as Service)

High Quality Virtual Computers on Cloud Platform.

PC-on-Cloud or Desktop as Service is a service where you can provision virtual desktops to your end-users. The end-users can access documents, appl...

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SAN (Storage Area Network)

Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network (SAN) is a dedicated network that provides access to consolidated, block level data storage. SANs are primarily used to enhanc...

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NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneou...

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Backup & Data Replication With EMC domain, Veeam, Symantec

Get Data Protection like Never Before

Protect your data spread across locations that include cloud, on-premise as well as hybrid with Emtech’s Data Protection & Back-up software. Emte...

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Routing & Switching

Seamless Networking that works

The network operates by connecting computers and peripherals using two pieces of equipment; switches and routers. Switches and routers, essential n...

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Firewall & UTM Solutions

Total Security for Your Network

Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a solution in the network security industry, and since 2004, it has gained currency as a primary network gateway...

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IPT Solutions

Protecting Your Data from Threats

IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol's packet-switched connections to e...

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Structured Cabling

Integrating Technologies to Stay Ahead

Structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (henc...

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Video Surveillance Par Excellence

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limi...

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Access Control

Controlled Access to your Network

In computer security, general access control includes authorization, authentication, access approval, and audit. A more narrow definition of access...

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Time Attendance System

Manage your time successfully

Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is perfo...

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Managed IT Services

In sync with your Business Needs

EMTECH is known for its remarkable flexibility when it comes to delivering ICT solutions and support. Our experienced and professionally trained en...

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Premium AMC

For Maintaining Efficiency & Quality

We live in a competitive era where quality products & services are high in demand. This increases the relevance of maintaining an annual maintenanc...

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  • Proven Expertise

    22+ years of IT service experience makes us the best in the region.

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    We advice you the RIGHT solution that uses the best technology & service to suit your specific business model & technology needs.

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