Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise Mobility Suite is designed to help businesses manage a host of crucial business elements effortlessly such as users, apps, content, devices, data costs and policies. It is a great way of mobilizing your business content components like documents, customer data and business intelligence in a highly simplified and secure manner. Content can be accessed from anyplace and at any time by the users while the IT remains firmly in control. Organizations can meet compliance and data protection needs with this advanced management tool.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility suite

Stay connected with your consumers with a cloud identity service that is more reliable, and cost effective compared to on-premises systems. Built on Azure Active Directory, the highly secure cloud identity platform that handles billions of authentications per day, Azure Active Directory B2C is a highly available, global, identity management service for consumer-facing applications that scales to hundreds of millions of identities. It can be easily integrated across mobile and web platforms. Your consumers can log on to all your applications through fully customizable experiences by using their existing social accounts or by creating new credentials.
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Features and Benefits of Enterprise Mobility  Suite

  • Easy Accessibility To Data And Resources - With Enterprise Mobility  Suite, users can work on the device they are most comfortable with. It provides full access to vital data, applications and resources from almost any device from anywhere, while ensuring the security and compliance of devices.
  • Does Wonders To Productivity - End-user productivity can be remarkably enhanced with the Enterprise Management Suite’s self-service and Single-Sign features. It helps take productivity to the next level by providing every user with a single identity to use, regardless of what they want to access. It can be used for working from the office or remotely. EMS can also be used for connecting to a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service application.
  • Access Data From Any Device And From Anywhere - Users can use Enterprise Management Suite features to access enterprise resources across various devices effortlessly and consistently. Regardless of their physical and geographical location, corporate resources can be reached while working from devices of their choice.
  • Supports Work Styles Best Suited For Modern Enterprise Setup - Enterprise Mobility  Suite is designed to fully support modern work styles. The advanced virtual desktop infrastructure makes it easy for IT to provide employees desktop and applications that can be accessed from both office and personal devices, from any location. The best part is that the infrastructure runs continually within the company’s datacenter.
  • Enjoy Greater Control And Mitigate Risks - With Enterprise Management Suite, IT can protect their vital corporate information better and have a greater control on management of resources. Accessing on-premises and in-the-cloud resources can be done with a common identity. Risk factors can be mitigated significantly by providing a single identity for each user for cloud based as well as on premise applications.
  • Single Administrative Console For Managing Various Tasks - The Enterprise Management Suite can be used to provide broad settings management across different platforms. Corporate can apply policies across various devices and operating systems seamlessly to make sure compliance requirements are met. Certificates, Wi-Fi profiles and VPNs can be provisioned on personal devices within single administration console.
  • Foolproof Security - With Enterprise Mobility  Suite, you can enjoy unmatched security. It helps businesses recognize any threats long before they actually impact operations and productivity. It helps segregate corporate and work apps and data. Files and data can be encrypted to make sure that only authorized persons can gain access to confidential business information.
  • Value For Money - Enterprise Mobility  Suite is a complete and comprehensive product set that is highly affordable. It is available for nearly half the price than that of standalone solutions. You are assured of exceptional value for money.